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No Matter the Weather

Since the weather can't make up its mind here in Maine, I thought I would write about photographing in the different weather conditions. As long as my schedule allows, I am always up for rescheduling if the weather isn't cooperating, however sometimes, if the client is in a time crunch, we power through whatever mother nature throws at us. Very often, those pictures are my favorite because the mood and vibe of the photos are unique and fun!


Rain is the weather we avoid the most when it comes to going outside! I definitely aim to reschedule when rain is on the radar, but a little drizzle, or a quick session is okay to have in the rain if the client is in a time crunch. Rain sets the scene for a darker, moodier vibe, and also brings out pops of color and brightness in the personalities of the kiddos, as long as they are a fan of puddles and getting wet!


Fog used to stress me out a bit to be honest. It can bring down the contrast and highlights quite a bit, which can make photos flat. However, the more I've worked with photographing in figgy conditions, the more I've enjoyed it and now even look forward to it. When captured correctly, fog creates a magical feel to the background of photos.


Overcast days are truly the best time to shoot! The clouds let the sun provide the light without the shadows. They can also create a nice blank canvas or a neutral, textured backdrop. It keeps the subjects from squinting and allows you to shoot in any space and any angle.


As much as I am hating snow currently, (we are expecting two feet the first week of April) I do love photographing in the snow. Colors just pop so well against the white, the trees are full of texture, and the light bounces off the ground, lighting up the subjects faces like the perfect lighting in a studio.


Believe it or not, sunny days are often the hardest to work with. Sun in the early morning or evening is pure magic and the best time to shoot. However, sun in middle of afternoon creates a lot of problems, mainly shadows and squinting. When shooting outside, I always suggest the closest times to sunrise and sunset as possible. Of course, some of our greatest memories are happening in the middle of the day, so it's important to capture those as well! Finding shady spots and facing away from the sun allows for great photos, even when the sun is shining.

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