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Home Session

Home family sessions have quickly become my favorite sessions. There are so many advantages to photographing in your home. Not worrying about weather is a huge advantage, as is having all the comforts and conveniences of being in your home.

Photographing you in the comfort of your own home creates photos that not only look more natural, but capture your home in the photos! There's nothing like looking back at your images and seeing yourself holding your baby in the chair you spent late nights and early mornings rocking your baby to sleep in. Seeing your family sitting on the couch,  looking over the baby's crib, or surrounding the kitchen island that you created core memories in is magical!

Home sessions are also so great for toddlers and young children. They feel most comfortable in their space and it shows in the photos. If you want your child to sit and relax for photos, their favorite book and toys are right there to use. If you want them to let loose, they can jump on the bed, play their favorite game or even take a snack break in the other room while their siblings or parents take some photos.

The most popular home sessions are for newborns! Diaper changes, feedings, and a place to sleep are easiest to do in your own home.

If you want to book a home session, or just have more questions, please reach out!

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